I had THR surgeries. My right hip in 2005 and then my left hip in 2007. My replacement in 2005 was uneventful and I was fortunate to breeze through it. Because of this, I went into my second THR without any concerns. From the moment I woke up from my second THR, I knew instantly something was't right. On moving it felt somewhat "gravelly" and not comfortable on standing like it did with my first replacement. On getting up to walk in the hospital hallway, nurses at the station at the other end of the hallway would yell to the PT with me that my foot was turning inward & get to off my feet. I didn't know at that time that this meant that the hip prosthesis was not setting correctly and could dislocate suddenly without any warning. This was confirmed the next day when my doctor came in and informed me that he was concern with my hip replacement because he had hard time getting it to set right. Dispute this, I was discharged to my home the next day. Exactly one week later, I went to get up to go to restroom during the night and my hip spontaneously dislocated. I was taken by ambulance to the ER and admitted pending surgery to reset the prosthesis. This was accomplished the next day and part of my prosthesis was corrected and held into place using screws. To make a very long story much shorter, I had to have the whole prosthetic removed and replaced as it was recalled by its manufacturer as being flawed. Because of these surgeries, I acquired a MRSA infection which then caused me to have a PIC line inserted on two different instances. This didn't cause the infection to subside and the infection then infultrated the prosthetic necessitating it's total removal. I was 8 months without a hip and getting daily antibiotic infusion therapy for the hospital acquired MRSA infection. Following its total removal, my orthpedist asked if I could move my ankle. Foot or toes. I couldn't and was told that my sciatic nerve was stretched as well as the perioneal nerve in my calf behind my knee. This in turn has caused my toes to start to become deformed. No orthopedist I saw after the fact, when I questioned about why this was happening told me it was the result of the nerve damage in my hip and leg. It seemed to me that they didn't want to reveal something that might reflect poorly on the orthopedist who did the surgery on me. Since 2007, I experienced 8 surgeries in my left hip which included three revisions, wound vacs, pic lines, PT and nerve blocks. The pain management doctor was where I learned that my toe deformities were the result of my nerve damage. Honestly, If I knew that my life would have been so drastically turned upside down as a result of this, I would have never considered it and lived with the pain. At least I could walk with it and not be concern with falling because I can't feel my lower calf, ankle and foot. I also have a leg length discrepancy. I also was told I'd eventually would be able to get normal nerve function. That never happened. I now have to get a full sole lift put on every shoe I purchase, which my health insurance won't cover. My advice for anyone having a THR is don't do it unless you can't deal with your pain anymore. To those who are dealing with similar results, my thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you with determination & strength to live your life as fully as possible.