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I am 24. Just yesterday ive felt a pain in my areola/breast. It is hard to explain the pain, its kinda like glass inside my breast and it hurts when I stretch the skin and I cant lay on it. Idk what to do or what it is and I do not have health insurance.


Hello Tara,

did it hurt just for a while, or is the pain constant even now? It's not uncommon for breast pain to happen because of the hormonal reasons - like before your period, or during the pre-menopause or menopause. This type of breast pain is not serious if it doesn't last longer than a cycle or two. But still this pain can be caused by cyst, fat tissue deposit, or even an infection which are all not related to cancer and are actually quite common. The problem is, even though it's a really simple procedure to remove them, you'll still need the insurance. It might be worth looking into breast cancer organizations, they might help you get the exam done, or at least cover some costs if you qualify.

Wish you all the best,