Probably you or any immediate family suffer from a movement disorder (eg. any sort of dystonia, Parkinson's, Essential tremor, Muscular dystrophy, etc..) or any of its associated symptoms. I suffer from generalized dystonia since the 70’s and I would like to share and think with you about some aspects from my own experience, some negative and others positive.

Among the negatives (let’s call them 'to get improved') I have considered the following:

1. My own symptoms: pain, lack of dexterity, spasticity, gait problems…
2. My dependence on others ,
3. Being socially more inhibited, and
4. Missed opportunities.

In the positive area:

1. Despite the symptoms I have maintained a good mood,
2. Such an ability to select the best people, places, etc.,
3. Further development of certain individual skills, and
4. The teachings of own suffering.

The key, from my point of view, becomes our first objective, and it is called: self-acceptance.

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