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They trapped me for their own benefit! My consult was held after office hours (after 5:00 pm), 11 hours before my actual surgery, and you could imagine what a kind of consult we had. After my consult with Paul Nassif he entrusted me to his patient care consultant, Lisa Greene, who was hurried to leave home because she said that she had ‘’children waiting for her at home”. They put me in a trap, and cornered me to sign documents under undue influence and charged me more money than the original financial quote ($21,000.00 for the nose excluding rib/ear cartilage graft cost which would cost me much more) so I had to follow their instructions. They did not inform me about what a patient should know but they told me information at their own benefit. I had to blindly follow their directions and instructions as I would have lost the deposit and other expenses, time and other important factors I sacrificed. I was all by myself in the US, defenceless- they misguided me and they took advantage...I Cry big time!

1- Paul Nassif messed my nose up, and became fat and short (like a pug as seen in the uploaded pictures).
2-His grafts are irritable and hurt in cold temperatures.
3-After his surgery I started carrying a nasal dilator for breathing, and I splatter mucous when I laugh or exhale heavily.

4-Paul Nassif violates my rights by disclosing my information/findings to his lawyer and threatens to sue me.

5-He gave me 'Gag Contracts' to stifle my rights of freedom of expression on the internet. People in the US follow his 'Gag Contracts' but I do not live in the US!

6-Gave me many other legal contracts like a 'Physician-patient arbitration agreement' which makes it much difficult to sue him in court for his malpractices.

7-I received a poor service and he deceived me for his own benefit.

8-Paul Nassif made me feel like some money-making-machine rather than a patient. And charged me more than the original quote.

9-Paul Nassif's high costs ($21,000.00 for the nose excluding ear/rib grafts costs-as otherwise it would have cost about $25,000.00) left me with no money to repair his damages.

10-After various threats from Dr Nassif's lawyer, in order to shut my mouth up and not discuss the procedure with third parties, I was promised a ridiculous sum as compensation; with no money to fix my problem and with my back to the wall, I had no other option but to accept Dr. Nassif' s offer- this however, never materialized as Dr Nassif never paid up, this was just a delay tactic.

11-Paul Nassif is too business-minded and a marketing worshiper.


In the above post I commented: "like a pug as seen in the uploaded pictures". I cant upload my pics so I have no right to convince you about the pug like nose since you have to see it by your own eyes to generate your point of view. However, it certainly looks like a pug nose to me and my friends, and I am very unhappy about it. Some of the comments I received from feedback: "looks like a pug nose", "looks like a bell" (septum is compressed in the middle and fat at the base), "you got Mega robbed", etc... :'(

Furthermore, his costs for the surgery with rib grafts would cost around $25,000.00.


Are you really serious, prove it send me the photos of the pugg nose your talking about! How in the hell do you expect others to believe you if they cant see your photo. I was considering to have surgery with him. please can you send me photos im considering to have surgery by him