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can a sociopath be bipolar disordered ?
with 2 or more distinct personalities of which one of them is soiciopath?
eg : ANIRBAN(ASS) is a 15 year old Indian male inside his 40 year old body due to childhood sexual abuse

but his counterpart AARON(AIRON)is socipathic,narcistic,arrogant,chronically lies about everything even things he would not have to lie about; aggressive,sexually expoitive of woma, cant love, has no remorse and blames others for his behaviour and uses projection ;-) .sexual addict and permiscuous,causing the spread of STD,s......

is it possible to have both mental health issues at the same time and histronics as well?


You can cram as many disorders into a single human being as you choose.

Equally you can invent as many different labels for the same being as you choose.

The mind is infinite, and exceeded only by the infinity that created that mind.

Insanity is our failure to recognise the divine in the unusual.

Sanity is thinking we're sane and can understand the world.

Since the world and the Isness are beyond understanding, the sane are insane and the insane sane.

Go figure.


Diagnosing a mental illness or multiple illnesses happens along several axes...according to the DSM IV that all psychiatrists in North America use, dont' know about India

* Axis I: Clinical disorders, including major mental disorders, and learning disorders
* Axis II: Personality disorders and mental retardation
* Axis III: Acute medical conditions and physical disorders
* Axis IV: Psychosocial and environmental factors contributing to the disorder
* Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning or Children's Global Assessment Scale for children and teens under the age of 18

So, it could be that your friend has bipolar (axis 1), antisocial personality disorder (axis 2), and any other features you have noticed. He needs help IMMEDIATELY...get him to the local hospital ASAP and even have him sectioned if need be if he won't go on his own so that he doesn't damage himself or others any more than he has. Antisocial Personality Disorder is extremely difficult...look it up in the DSM IV to see all the features but it sounds like he has many attributes associated with this you will see in the DSM, your friend may have brain damage (that's probably why it's so difficult to treat) and needs an EEG to determine kidding, I believe Jeffrey Dahmer and the vast majority of people in prison may suffer from this disorder...and he won't stop on his own because he can't see his careful...