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How does a young adult (who has tried almost everything) ELIMINATE a lingering case of acne?

Rather than list the numerous ineffective approaches I have tried to cure my moderate acne condition (since the age of 15), I wil tell you where I am NOW and what I have found DOES work.

I eat a nutritious diet that consists mainly of healthy vegetarian dishes. Red meat seems to inflame the skin, lean chicken is ok, and fish is totally fine. Dairy is terrible, AVOID. However, that said, "A2" low fat milk does not seem to worsen the problem like normal milk. Fats and oils are to be consumed very sparingly; limit their use as much as possible. Also, fresh food over cooked food is generally best, in ALL aspects of health.

Following this diet helps A LOT. Your enemies are sugar, fats and oils, dairy and most animal products...know them well and steer clear! They may taste good but they aren't your friend!

I take "Natures Own" high strength fish oil capsules; 4-6 der day. They're very effective in reducing inflamation which is a key cause of acne. Nyal herbal hayfever tablets seem to help too. Bio zinc tablets are ESSENTIAL, take one everyday without fail.

Obviously drink lots of water (filtered, or boiled then cooled) and get enough sleep.

As for topical treatments, "Thursday Plantation acne gel" works wonders, use it every second day at first, then once a day, then twice a day, to avoid a drying of the skin.

Okay, so this is what I do in a continual battle with confidence destroying acne. However effective these tips may be, I still have a collection of dull red spots blemishing what would otherwise be an attractive face. As soon as I stray from the above regime, the condition worsens; the red gets redder and several pustules develop. Its gross and I cant bare to show my face in public...which SUCKS coz I'm naturally a bubbly, happy and sociable individual!

PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks very much :-)


Hey Trojan,

That's a great diet write-up. I try to follow something similar.

If you can't beat the acne with just your diet, go see a dermatologist.

I waited far too long and suffered with acne before I went and saw one.