As many of you know, now it is possible to know at every moment what other people do, think, feel… and you can know this the exactly moment that a person does, thinks, feels… Is it no great?

The question now could be: Would you like to follow a person with a movement disorder and know what this thinks, does or feels?

We share things when we talk to others, read from others (i.e. in websites), participate in forums or meetings, etc. The news came with internet and more recently with platforms as twitter.

Maybe a new way of sharing comes with the very common daily things. I feel many of these things can be really useful when it happens that you and other people suffer from a similar disorder. I am sure many of one’s abilities, experiences or feelings can benefit other people who can learn from this or just get a better attitude or mood.

Many of you know I suffer from dystonia since the 70’s, but I am also caregiver of my wife who suffers from MS.

So, would you like to follow a person with a movement disorder as me (also a caregiver) and know what I think, do or feel almost daily?

If so, please visit the area from the icon in , the site about dystonia and other movement disorders.

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