Hi, i was wondering if you could help me out. You see tonight i started noticing this random pulse in my chest.. It's on the left side and I know it's not my heart because the pulsing is coming from near my collarbone. I'm not sure what it is but I'm a little scared. I also have a couple of random "twitches" in my feet, like my feet will just move and I'm not sure why and I'm curious if this is related. At first i thought it was a symptom of having a seizure but I don't think it is anymore. Its feels like when a muscle in your body twitches like once and it seems harmless but this has been going on for about 3 hours and im not sure if it will stop.The pulsing isn't a pattern and it doesnt hurt at all but it feels after a couple hours the muscle is getting sore and tierd. The thumping is just really annoying after an hour or so... This pulsing has keept me up all night its been going on for a few hours on and off. I've never noticed it before until I started feeling it again and then I remembered feeling it last night in my sleep. I really hope you can help me out considering I've been up for hours trying to find a reason for this. I'm not sure if i should go to a doctor or something.. I'm not sure if any of this information helps.. my blood pressure was really low (60 over 180) and my heart beat is too (70/100) but the oxogen level in my blood was normal (97%) I am starting to feel nausious and I was really dissy and felt like i was on boat earlier. The nausea might just be because I have anxiety so when i feel stressed or scared I will get nausious. Thank you for you time, I really hope you can help me out! Thanks so much!