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A feeling of pulsation in the nose is not a very common symptom, however that in itself is nothing to be alarmed about. There are numerous reasons why this could be completely harmless and a couple which could require a deeper investigation into possible causes.

1. Allergy

An allergic reaction to pollen, atmospheric pollutants or anything really can result in a twitching/pulsing of the nose. Such a reaction would be accompanied by some other symptoms of allergy like a stuffiness of the nose, redness and even swelling.

A test to determine any allergies should be performed and exposure to those allergens should be avoided as much as possible. Such a condition usually does not require much treatment beyond the use of anti-histamine medication and management of other symptoms.

2. Nasal Polyp

Nasal polyps can grow to a significantly large size or may be present in multiple numbers. Such polyps can cause a sensation similar to pulsations in the nose. Other symptoms that are associated with such findings include the presence of a post nasal drip (a leakage of mucous into the throat), a frequently runny nose, a change in the pitch of your voice, excessively loud snoring as well as sleep apnea.

If the doctors suspect this is the cause behind your symptoms then you will need to get a few tests done. These will involve radiographs taken in the postero-anterior view, an exploratory endoscopy and maybe even a CT Scan.

Once the presence of a nasal polyp has been confirmed, it will have to be removed surgically. The procedure itself is minor and can be done as an outpatient procedure.

Care has to be taken to remove the entire lining of the polyp otherwise there is a high chance of a recurrence down the line.

3. A Hemangioma

The nose is a richly vascular area that is supplied by many blood vessels and there is a possibility thata hemangioma may be the cause behind a pulsatile sensation in the area.

A hemangioma is a vascular tumor which can be found in different parts of the body. Ones that are deeply situated are called as cavernous hemangiomas and are less common than ones found superficially.

If a hemangioma is suspected to be the cause behind the twitching/pulsing of the nose then various treatment options can be explored. These depend on the clinical presentation and location of the lesion; however include the use of oral systemic steroids, Anti cancer drugs to help reduce the lesion, laser excision and even the use of sclerosing agents.

4. Environmental factors

Sometimes the twitching of the nose could occur in response to the environmental factors present around the person. These include a particularly hot, cold or even a humid environment. Even an emotionally heightened state can trigger such responses from the body.

There will be a conspicuous absence of other symptoms such as a stuffy nose, redness, swelling etc. Such a condition just needs to be casually observed and does not need any treatment as such.

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