Hey guys, i am a 20 year old male,smoker and suffering from hypochondria.
Recently,i had been thinking i have throat cancer as there 5-6 times,i coughed out spots of blood,probably the size of pinhead in my cough ( nothing more ).

3 weeks back,i saw that my phlegm had pink/red thread like particles in it.Went to my doc and he said it could be bleeding from the throat.He did an ESR blood test and a Full Blood Count Test and my ESR was 2 and my Blood Count was described as 'excellent'. The particles stopped few days later.

Now its back again.It is really scary.How do i know if it is blood or is it simply from my blanket that is made up of similar looking red/pink threads? Its really scary.

Final thing,people with throat cancer-is their cough chronic and even get up to cough at night?

Thank you so much.