So for some time now, it seems that I get this hoarseness pretty often. When I try singing it feels like my throat is closing and getting hoarse instead of opening more. I get this feeling like I can't open my throat enough to get my voice out. Now I'm trying to look up for singing lessons and have no idea what to do. Then I often feel like my throat is inflammed. Not always, but many times a year. Drives me nuts! I have frequent sinus problems and allergies, so maybe post nasal drip may be causing this, I don't know... anyway, I hate this hoarseness, and often my voice sounds like I would have a cold but I don't, or like I just came back from the concert of some rock group yelling lyrics all the time and so having problems with my voice now lol. Now I'd like to know what could be the cause of it and what to do? Maybe it would have to do with asthma medicine I take ( I'm on Symbicort, though I had this vocal problem from before I even heard of asthma lol)?