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hey everyone

I've been singing from a young age (I'm 17 now) and I went to a concert in June where I screamed and shouted for about 3 hours. The next day I had a really bad throat, as you can imagine, and my voice was very faint and wavery.

Two weeks later I went to another concert but I didn't shout as much - however my throat ended up being in worse condition than the first concert!

Last week I had a cold because of my hayfever, and so I didn't sing for a few days.

I sing at my church every week and I'm used to singing every day just absent mindedly. But recently, my throat has had a scratchy, prickling sensation when I breathe and try to sing. I also feel tightness in my throat when I don't do anything.

Do I have an infection? Or is it something I should really get checked out by my doctor?

Thanks :)


Hello, well from the symptoms you have explained you could have an infection but not necessarily. Since you said you shouted at that concert and you throat started to hurt, it might just be related to the fact that you irritated your throat and it did not have time to recover. Maybe you should just give your throat a rest for phew days. I know i had similar issues after going to concerts, and it took like 7 days for my voice to recover to normal. If it starts getting a lot worse you can always go to the doctor and get it checked out because if it is a infection you should stop it with antibiotics before it spreads onto your lungs.