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Hello, I'm 16 year old, female. 

At around age 5 I started experiencing throat problems; sore throat, hoarse voice. The family doctor said I probably have Edema and that if I strain my voice to much I might lose it one day, or something like that I was 5 so I don't remember his words well.

The real problems though, began at around age 11, when (what I believe happened) I swallowed something (not sure what) that scraped my throat, after that for approximately 2 weeks I had trouble swallowing, lots of pain, hardly ate, been in and out of the hospitals and got all kinds of tests (camera through nose and such) the doctors had no idea what happened, they wanted to do a test where they insert a camera into my esophagus but I refused to go through with it since it required anesthetization. 

Anyways, about 2 weeks later things suddenly got better and I could swallow again, but even thought I can eat now and everything, I know something's wrong there...I can't tell my mom cause she works a lot and doesn't have time to run around to hospitals, so every time she asks about my throat I tell her it's fine but I wake up each morning with a really sore throat and can hardly talk, still have troubles swallowing, unexplained pains troubles breathing at times and quite frequently my throat burns and I have a coughing fit. If anyone might have ideas as to what is wrong with me, or If anyone is experiencing the same thing please help me, thanks.      


I have the same chronic issue with my throat..since the last 11 months.

.have you tried alternative treatment like homeopathy? simple belladonna works wonders when others have failed.

the doctor diagnosed GERD and other nasty sounding ailments wanting to do endoscopy etc --- and prescribed a lot of drugs, nasal sprays etc which I took but it didnt help at all.



After I read your comment I went and bought Coryzalia, it was the only homeopathy with belladonna in it; has Allium cepa, Sabadilla, Pulsatilla. Gelsemium and Kalium bichromicum in it too. I do not know how helpful it may be but I started using it so I guess I'll just have to see.

Thanks for the advice :)

Also to add something about what I'm feeling - there's this tightness it really hurts sort of like there's a lump or something but I don't think that's the case just a weird painful tightness :/


not letting the doctor examine the throat with a camera is a huge mistake.


not getting seen because it may not be convenient is mistake #2.


there are some things that off-the-shelf remedies will not handle and some of

those things can be serious in the extreme. 


death is a long-term anesthesia .. and, making funeral arrangements takes

time and energy and it's quite draining.