I had a total thyroidectomy in August of 2012 due to Graves Disease.  I also had Hashimotos disease before that so I have struggled with Autoimmune thyroid disease for over 8 years now and I am now 36 years old.   As expected, my body has definitely changed since the removal.  I had gained about 10 pounds before surgery and now that my levels are back to normal, I am still gaining weight. (OR I feel like I am gaining weight and retaining tons of water)  I am on 150mg of synthroid, but what is so frustrating is that I am very healthy.  I work out 5 days a week, stregnth trianing, yoga and cardio.  I also eat well, I tried a gluten free diet, which did nothing, and a low carb diet.  I realize a low calorie diet is not the best approach, but I can't seem to find any solution.  I am not fat, I weigh close to 150 now and I was happy at 135 being 5'8.  I just don't want to gain anymore and I don't understand how to lose.  I have searched the internet for some solution, and its very disheartening to read most people in my position never lose the weight they gain after thyroid removal.  What's more annoying is my husband has been on a diet eating the exact same foods as me and exercising, and has lost 20 pounds in the time I have gained 5, I want to punch him.  (Not really, but so jealous obviously)  Any suggestions and tips would be appreciated!