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I'm new to the Marathon thing. I'm 45 and decided to loose weight and started jogging/walking. I lost about 40 pounds, 210-170 and need about 10 more off. I started off wanting to do Pikes Peak Barr Trail last summer and I did that. 2 times in 8 days while on vacation. So as the summer progressed I kept running and I have been looking into an Ultra Marathon. So far I have logged about 1100 miles since Jan 22. A 26.2 mile Marathon never really interested me, to many people running at the same time. Pikes peak round trip is 26 miles. I have done 33 miles before and 22 miles a few times also. So Yesterday I got the itch to see about if I could do 50 miles and it took me 10:45 to get it done. The reason I attempted this is because there is the Chicago 50/50 coming up in 2 weeks. I have never competed in any kind of a marathon before in my life and I don't want to look like an id**t. Does anyone have any sugestions for me so I don't look like a complete m***n out there. Maybe I'm just being stupid about it but that's the way I am.

Please help any sugestion will be greatly appreciated.


Wow, first of all way to go on loosing all the weight. Running is definately a great way to get into shape. As for the Ultra it sounds like you should do fine. Running 50 miles in 10:45 is great!!! You won't look stupid at all. I would consider trying a marathon sometime too, you might find that you like running in a group. Anyway, good luck 50 miles is alot more than most people, including myself, can do.