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Hi! I am worried about my husband's health. For these past few months (approx 8mths), he has been complaining of tiredness and not enough sleep. He has high blood pressure (170+). What cause him to feel tired always? He is also the type where he cannot stay up too late at night (About 2am). Is it due to high blood or stress? Pls help.


The tiredness you are reporting may have been caused by some hypertension drugs. Tiredness is considered to be one of the possible side effects from these drugs, especially beta-blockers’. Beta-blockers are also well known for causing poor sleep. Drugs’ side effects often decrease with time or by doctor adjusting the dosage.

Is your husband regularly checking his blood pressure? Any discomfort that persists should be reported to the doctor who prescribed the drug to him.

It is very important that your husband regulates his blood pressure. High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that may lead to heart disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and peripheral artery disease.