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I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis 2 months ago after a bowel infection (food poisoning during chrstmas holiday in egypt) I thought ReA was supposed to clear up between 3 and 12 months, by the looks of things it doesn't.
Inflammation first started in my heel then big toes, both knees, slightly in fingers and now top of neck, giving me awful head pain and numb arm wen wake up.
Iv'e had 3 steriod injections which give you false hope as the pain goes only to coe back in about 3 days.
I take 3 diclofenac a day
1 tablet to minimise bleeding due to diclofenac
4 Sulfasalazine (started 1 a day increased to 4 over a month) only been on sulf a 5 weeks, no side effects but no ease of pain yet.
I take upto 8 tramadol a day for pain, these stop the pain but are very strong they make me really dizzy and I find it hard to sleep.
Is there anyone out here whos symptoms of ReA have gone, need lots of hope.
I have been sick from work for almost 3 months, I'm a 32 year old teacher and find it impossible to teach at moment with pain or feeling I get from painkillers. I was a fitness fanatic too, went to the gym 5 times a week loved it, I haven't been able to go for 3 months, really frustrating, I really want to hear from someone with hope please.
I am HLAB27 positive and my protein levels are around 150 but have been as high as 190.


Hi Brella

Reactive arthritis can come about by food allergies which damage the surface of the small intestine and allow antigens to enter and create imune reactions resulting in joint inflamation you may need to mend the gut by removing the offending food and taking a good pro biotic ( lactobascillus plantarum ) this one survives the stomach acid also go back to a basic diet for a couple of weeks meat and veg nothing fancy remember you have to eat like we did thousands of years ago, people think they can all get away with this rubbish we have shoved in our faces today we cant, go back to basics for a while and then start to add the need to have foods into your diet this will help you and if your still having trouble try a rotation diet. Remove grains from your diet as well and if you must, have only puffed rice from the health food shop with rice milk but not every day. Mashed vegie patties for breaky are ok for a while to help you get a handle on it. I suffer as well and you can minimise reactions by getting to know what your body does not like. Cut out sugar and salt actually they say anything thats white is not good for you as a guide for a start including potatoes part of the night shade family. You will lose weight on this mainly because of limiting the grains. Hope it works for you.




try curcimin must have piperine with it i take 2x14000 mg daily i have severe arthris requiring bone fusion (3 years ag0) no op no pain in very cold a little pain do some research on this great product medical evidence to support as well try the paleo diet