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my son had his toncils and adanoids out a week today and is now bringing white and what looks like muccuse what is this and is it normal??


The pharyngeal tonsils are also called the adenoids. They are located on the outside of the pharynx, above the border of the soft palate. They are usually removed, with no further complication, surgically when they enlarge and blocked by the passageway between the nasal cavity.

However, the tonsils role in immunity are more known today than they were a generation ago and the removal of them are done less often. Therefore, I would suggest that you make arrangements to have you son see his Surgeon for the investigation of an infection or a complication related to obstruction.

Tonsillectomy is a long-practiced procedure, yet it is still surrounded by controversy, most often regarding indications for surgery and details of surgical technique. Nasopharyngeal stenosis and velopharyngeal incompetence are tthe two most common complications that are most likely to occur if adenoidectomy is undertaken at the same time as tonsillectomy, as it appears to have been in yours. There may be not serious consequences, but you should still have you child's surgeons tell you that.


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