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On October 5th i woke up with swollen tonsils, Next day went to doctor and they prescribed me antibiotic (Some kind of acid something) after a week of taking it It helped a little and reduced the size of my right tonsil but when i woke up the next Tuesday the tonsil backfired and got bigger again. It hurt to the point where i was like a zombie, no energy or anything, i could eat, drink or swallow.

Went to the doctor (same one) they couldn't see my throat because the swelling was so big so they shot steroids into me to reduce the swelling (it worked and they finnaly could check it) They have prescribed to me stronger antibiotics Levofloxacin, its been a week now and today is Tuesday the antibiotics did help and last night i felt like i was almost cured!

I woke up today and bam! The tonsil got more swollen (it hurts when swallowing or eating anything but not as much as last time)
Tomorrow is my last antibiotic tablet and let me tell you those things are expensive! (paid over 100$ for 5 tablets)

IT looks like they dont work. I dont have insurance so i have to pay for every time i visit the doctor. What can my problem be? It seems like every tuesday it swells up. Its been almost a month now and not only I have lost weight but also money by not being able to go to work.



Maybe you need to get your tonsils removed or take stronger antibiotics, since you may have tonsillitis... It's been over a year, you probably already solved this problem.