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Hello, I am 18 years old and I recently had a tonsilectomy, and am currently in the recovering process. This is my story. On March 19th, I got my tonsils taken out because I had tonsilitis numerous times and it seemed as if I had sore throats a lot. Today is March 30th, so it's been 10 days since the surgery. I still experience much pain, aches and very sore. When I was riding home from the hospital I puked 3 times because of the amnesia that was in my system to put me to sleep for surgery. After vomiting three times my throat burnt so bad, I could barely breathe it felt like. The doctors said it was normal and many people puke. The only thing was if you began vomiting anytime after the first day if your surgery, it's a whole different story. When I returned back home I slept all day long and woke up long enough to take the liquid hydros and fall back asleep. I ate chicken broth and jello, and I was amazed at how it didn't hurt that badly. How weever the next morning I woke up and was in so much pain I began crying and my medicine burnt my throat and nothing was working. This continued for a couple more days, and day 5 I felt as if I could no longer take it, the pain is near unbareable and some say its worse than child labor. Day 6, I woke up spitting blood in the sink, this is common, if it's only a little. It scared me but it went away within 10 minutes. The next night I began bleeding and shaking and was immensely scared but I continued drinking ICE cold water to shrink the blood vessel, and finally it stopped. Days 8,9,10 I found were much easier to take in. You will experience much pain, but it DOES get better. I lost 7 pounds and today I am able to eat anything as long as I drink water with every bite. However, chips, popcorn, red sauces, orange juice.. You must wait about 2 months. When I look in my throat it looks as if I have 2 nickel sized holes, which I see why I am in so much pain now. The burning is from the scabs (yellow-green colored) falling off. Soon the burning sensation will start slowly fading away. And swallowing become more easy. A tonsilectomy causes ear aches like crazy, tooth pain, basically your entire face hurts. Be prepare to be in some of the worst pain you will ever experience. I am very regretful of this surgery, I barely made it through this pain, and I would much rather have a sore throat then a throat like this. Take a lot of thought into this decision before you make it.


Hey, Im 21 years old and i had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on 3/25/ it is now 3/30 so its been about 5 days. I havent experience any throwing up. but i have had pain in my left year for the past day or so. I understand what you are going through. Right now i get this muscus build up that i have to cough to unblock. It causes sharp pains that are really annoying. i am a full time college student and just want to get back to school. Im hopeing that this coming well is better.