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I am a 35yr old sole parent of two boys and am due to have an adenotonsilectomy on 5th Feb. My mother is coming to stay with us for a couple of days after my op, but after that we are on our own. After reading earlier posts, I am a little worried that I won't be able to cope with everyday life this soon. I have managed to get a couple of weeks off work after my op, but I will still have to care for my children, drive them to school and do all of the normal everyday chores associated with children and life ie. washing, dinners & lunches, helping with homework and keeping house. Is this likely?


I am only on day 3 so far and wow i feel like a truck hit me, day 2 was my best and my daughter called from school needing to come home, im on loritab liquid, makes me a bit dizzy but i was ok to drive there and back just taking my time and focusing as i drove.

But it just about wore me out just doing that, came home and was just wiped out from it, sounds silly cuz i make that run 4x a day somedays yet day 2 of tonsils out was rough to make it just once.

If they called today (im feeling even worse today with little sleep last night) i'd have to email someone (a girlscout mom or something) then call and try to say check your email to them LOL (not kidding thats about my only plan at this point).

In fact i am gonna email a friend whos mom is in girlscouts today about that very thing, emergency plan so to speak, if i call check your email etc.hehe

Bill :-)