Been doing this since I was a teenager, I'm in my mid 30's now. Always been a healthy weight, honestly don't care about my weight at all, but I never feel healthy. I've always hated and never eat breakfast. When I was a kid, I was the girl who ate everyone else's lunches at school, the girl with a hollow leg. Never gained a pound, ate around 5-7 other kid's lunches including mine. It was so bad, teachers actually had a talk with my parents about it. Then I always had seconds and thirds of my family's cooking for dinner. When I became a teenager, I started to notice how I felt revolted by food, like why is it so disgusting to put it in your mouth, and chew and digest (how I felt about only breakfast as a kid, but couldn't explain it at the time). Can't my nutrition just be in pill form sort of line of thinking. So in addition to skipping breakfast, I started skipping lunches. But my second and third helping at dinner continued. Since I got into my 30's, I only have 1 plate full of food for dinner. I go crazy over dinner, but when it's over I feel like an iguana that needs a hot rock to lay on and digest. I'm grossed out by my dinners now, but know I need to eat every day. Is this a thing? I force myself to eat a full plate of food at dinner because I understand it's necessity. It kinda feels like an animal that is trying to die so they stop eating. I don't want that, but there are conflicting feelings surrounding food. Any suggestions?