I just had my surgery yesterday. I did great. I had 2 bananna popsicles before I left the hospital and some water to drink. I had very minor bleeding, nurses said it was normal. When I got home I stayed up and watched movies. I went to bed around 7:45 and that is when i took my first pain pill(hydrocodone.) I slept little. It felt like a wad in the back of my throat. Yestreday the coloring was black and today it is white. I've had the best luck with popsicles. I had a tiny pancake for breakfast. Just had 2 plain krystals and some soft fries. Drinking plain water, but not a bunch. My doctor perscribed Tetracaine HCL Sorbic base 0.5% lollipops. They work wonders too. So basically, today was rough as far as pain goes, but I'm hanging in there. My family has been really sweet about helping me with anything I need. Hope everybody feels better in a hurry!!!!