Today is now day 5 since I had my tonsillectomy and my adenoids removed, I knew there would be lots of pain and pretty much no eating but I didn't realize how bad the pain would be. I had my operation at about 8.30am and was getting in the car at 12.20pm and sent home with lots of pills. The pain medication worked wonders but now I have run out of them and taking plain old panadol, which helps but not too much, I cannot stand the pain anymore. Ive got white stuff covering my tongue which makes drinking water hard not to mention painful. I haven't left the house since I left the hospital and is driving me insane but I cant bare the pain long enough to go outside, and Im meant to go back to work on monday (i work as a coffee maker in a busy shopping center), not too keen on doing that. My nose has been blocked since I left the hospital so when I wake up my mouth is very dry and makes my throat hurt even more. And every time swallow it feels like there is razors in my mouth.

anyone got any tips for me?

thanks xo ^__^