I am 32 years old and had my Tonsils and Adenoids removed 7 days ago. At first the pain wasn't too bad, then as expected on Day 3 the pain got worse. When I left the hospital I was able to drink water, eat pudding and crink chicken broths with discomfort but I was able to get them down.

After Day 3 the pain has gotten progressively worse. I struggle to drink water and can only take chicken broth. I am trying to drink at least a glass an hour to keep hydrated, but probably drink about 1 glass every 2-3 hours as each time I swallow, I buckle in pain and it brings tears to my eyes. I have watched my urine color go from clear to goldenrod over the past two days and no feel I am falling further and further behind.

The pain persists in my throat until I take my next dose of meds (20 ml Hydrocodone every 4-6 hours) and the meds themself burn my tongue. I don't know if there is an open sore, but actually over the last 24 hours, the pain seems to have moved from the throat to now at the base of my tongue where it meets the throat, particularly on one side. I feel as if the tongue is swelling more and more, and now with the burn associated with taking the Hydrocodone I can't get relief anywhere.

The Dr. told me to watch for bleeding in excess of one Tbsp., which has not occurred. He has also refilled my prescription once and will probably have to do it again, unless this pain receeds over the next 24 hours.

MY questions are:

- could the Hydrocodone be causing further irritation?
- why is the tongue swelling? why is it burning after each dose of Hydrocodone? (It does burn with other stuff too, not to the same extent; i.e. Saline Solution washes [water salt and baking soda], plain water, food, etc.)
- how long do you wait before going to the ER for dehydration if you can't drink water?

Please any help would be appreciated. I've tried ice chips, ice cream, etc. trying to numb the site to no luck.