I got mine removed 5 days ago and I'm 13.


Day 1-  didn't hurt. I could talk. I was hooked up on pain meds.

Day 2-  it was a 8.5/10 I used my throat to much on day one. I developed a horrible. Disgusting taste/breath and i puked that night.

Day 3- didn't really hurt I got 7 hours of sleep. Been drinking quite a bit. It is fine I just sailed through the day

Day 4- it was noice. 9 hours of sleep. I noticed a little piece of scab fell off. To my throat was a bit tender

Day5(today)- it is 3:30 and wow. I haven't really hurt all day maybe a 1.5/10 and i just sit in my room watching the fresh Prince of Bel air. O been eating jello.  I noticed the top part of the right tonsil scab had fell off. Good luck everyone I'll keep updated