Hey I'm just a 16 year old that's having some slight complications with my post-op (no kidding...)

Over the past couple months I had re-occuring abcesses in my right tonsil and up until just a couple days ago when I had my Tonsillectomy I was just being treated with anti-biotics and occasionally having them lanced. Now I've dropped a lot of weight which was expected, haven't eaten anything which was also expected, and have been in off and on. Now when I got my surgery the docotr said that my last abcess (the one also removed in the surgery) had grown so large that it had grown onto the muscles and that the surgery required a little more action than other Tonsillectomy cases. Qouted, " We had to dig pretty deep so you might be in quite a bit of pain and will probably have twice the normal scabs."

All this is still fine with my but my question(s) is this, why is it everything the doctor has told me is lies? I'm only on day four and I just hacked up a scab (which by the way wasn't that bad but I will be mentally scarrred.) I was told not until like day ten. Am I just healing fast? And since I have exceptionally large holes in my throat when I have tried to eat food (even though it was only appplesauce) it seems like most of the food gets caught in in the holes or kind of loges itself like.. hard to described but kind of up above my uvula, which requires a great deal of hacking to get it all out, when will i be able to eat normal food and why on god's green earth is it that everything I swallow only is half consumed and the otherr half I gag back out of the holes?

If anybody would be so kind as to help this kind out it would be much appreciated. thanks