I'm a 17 year old female athlete... Who has had a tough battle with strep and tonsillitis. As an athlete my pain tolerance is pretty high I must say. I gave myself a triple dose of pain I had my tonsil adenoids and a lipoma from my hip removed (it's about an 8 in. incision).  

Day 1- post op; woke up crying but soon after felt fine. I left the hospital within not hour and half of waking up. Quite the trooper is what I was told. But later had to return to the ER because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding and I was having trouble breathing, also I was very dehydrated. Moral: be patient at the hospital.

Day 2-3 much better. Pain was at about a 2-3 so not bad, I was only getting about 30 minutes tops of rest. I could actually talk; moving was a different story especially due to my hip. Eating and drinking were at a minimum. (Don't be stupid like me force yourself to drink water). I had a couple friends come visit. 

Day 4-5 pain spiked to a 5-7. Which again is saying a lot because of my pain tolerance. I wanted to cry but of course couldn't, it hurt way too much. I haven't been really eating... Let alone drinking unless it's to take my meds. Sleeping upright is the best still. Anything that touches my throat makes me want to not eat or drink. 

Day 6 (current day)- it's 7:04 am and I've been up since 4:30 am with burning tonsil. So I took the whole cold stuff and hydrating more serious. I have about 30 minutes sleep. I am on a normal schedule for taking my meds. Every 4 hours I take oxy; with Advil during if my pain spikes. I have ice packs on my neck and ice cold water on my night stand. I cannot talk at all.