I had this surgery because there was a suspicious lump off my right tonsil.  Right tonsil ached for 3 years, and tonsil stones.   I went to see the ent and we were just going to watch it, went back in 6 weeks later and it was slightly bigger.  CT scan normal.

Day one was great.  I was in recovery for 45 minutes and ready to get home.  Came home cleaned the kitchen and did little things through out the day.  I thought this is a piece of cake.  My daughter thought I was just getting tougher in my old age.  lol little did we know!  I had a chicken salad.

Day two was pretty good.  Little sore, nothing to bad.  was taking lortab liquid and still screwing around the hours.  IT took me three hours to eat but a cheese burger.

Day three was ok but very sore and painful.  I was in bed a lot.  Had a lot of muscus and was affraid to swallow.  Man it was rough.  Cried but kept taking the pain meds and drinking the shakes.  I had four shakes on day 3.  I thought if this is the worse I can do it.

Day four I woke up so sore and shaking with pain.  I was slopping, spilling the medicine.   crying, hanging on my old man like I was a baby.  It's horrible.  I didn't know how I was going to handle it.  I read online people were taking the pain meds every three hours and setting their alarms.   Well you are suppose to do it every four hours.

Day five.  OMG!  I have had four kids, rinoplasty, two lipos, mid body lift, nothing would prepare me for this.  Nothing.  My ears hurt so bad that I rocked back and forth.  The medicine felt like razor blades going down my throat.  It hurt so bad.  I would say a 7.  I was already out of the meds and got a refill.  waking up was the hardest part.  I was eating freezies and shakes.

Day six.  seems like the pain is getting worse every day.  Hurt hurt hurt.  at one point I wondered to myself if I was gonna make it.

Day seven same.

Day eight was feeling a little better.  but my ears hurt alot.  now just hot tea, cold hurts.

Day nine horrible again.  waking up dry is the worst.  Keep drinking because that's the only thing I can do.

Day 10, no pain meds.  I should not have taking it every three hours and the nurse at smdc said I was over dosing my self I couldn't get more until thursday.  She had no idea the pain I was in.  I would have done anything to get rid of my pain.  Luckily the ent that did the surgery had it done to himself a year before so he knew and understood the pain.

Day 11 got my meds.  I'm much, much better.  I am sleeping 4 hours at a time which is great because usually its every two hours.  I'm cleaning again.  Scabs are going away and I ate a hot turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy and a salad.  I'm on my way.  Feel good today and happy. 

Overall, the first two days were great.  It's a shock effect.  Then it kicks you right on your butt!  All you can do is bare with it.  Time is what heals.  Plus plenty of fluids.  try and stay away from dairy because it causes so much mucous in your month and its so hard to swallow.  I gargled with peroxide but your not suppose to.  It worked for me.  I had to get that taste out of my mouth.  All I can say is be prepared to feel real pain.  Nothing I have experienced in my forty years.  Take your meds as directed and suffer that last hour.  I know look like a drug addict.  Thats to lynn at smdc.  But who cares.  All I really care about is I'm better and can be a better mom to my children.  Life if good today and I pray I won't need any more surgery.  Good luck to everyone