I got my tonsils removed 7 days ago. Day one was totally fine. I drank a bunch of water and ate a milkshake right after recovery. That night I ate soup and ice cream. The next day went well too. I was taking liquid oxy and the pain was minimal. That night though I began to get nauseas and hours later started throwing up.. worst pain ever. I puked for 12 hours and into the next morning. I continued to try and take the oxy and threw up more, eventually throwing up blood which was horrifying. I ran a fever of 103.5 and basically everything was awful. Day 3 and 4 and 5 I stopped taking the oxy due to the throwing up and depended strictly on Advil. The pain was bad but not terrible. I was able to eat mashed potatoes, soup, mac and cheese.. etc.  Day 6 and 7 have been pretty bad so far. I think the scabs are starting to come off which is excruciating pain. Night of day 6 I even took oxy again and risked getting sick because the pain was so awful. Hopefully it gets better from here.