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I'm wondering about the debate over whether soft foods are better than rough foods for tonsillectomy recovery. It seems that in Canada, Austrailia, and the U.K. Doctors recommend eating rough foods from day one in order to keep the throat clear and healing from the inside out. In the U.S., Doctors seem to prefer a softer diet to avoid bleeding risks. I've read posts on ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed that go both ways.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Greg,

The thing is that doctors tend to prefer soft diet because it eases the irritation of the throat. Now the diet also is slightly different in children and adults. It’s hard for kids to eat hard foods when they are in pain, so for a good recovery they need to drink a lot of liquids Children like to eat ice cream because it eases the pain.

For adult is a little different. Broth might be a good idea if you are persistent with the pain. Water is very important to avoid dehydration. There are some cases where doctor tells you to eat crunchy food, like cereal of toast brad in order to get rid of scabs in the throat.