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Tonsillectomy recovery


Hey, I had my tonsils out two days ago and now my uvula is swollen and my throat is really sore. The doctors keep telling me to eat but I can't even chew because they clamped my jaw so wide.

Has anyone got any advise? :'(


To anyone who is getting this done!!!! Do not expect to be able to really eat anything until about day 6 or 7. I am on day 7, and I have ate

enough through this whole week to make about on full meal on a single day. All the advice I can give is DRINK!!!!!!!!. It is pure torture

if you do not have enough water. Stay away from dairy. It isn't worth it at all. I find that Jello, Popsicles, and eggs are best. I tried

oatmeal, and chicken noodle soup and it hurt to much. Even to this day I still can't eat it. Also, be religious when it comes to your

medicine. My Doc prescribed me Hydrocodone, and I just got another 3 Huge bottles of it as a refill (Is that even legal?). The pain will

get better, but Expect ear pain that will make you cry, and Hunger!. They say that the scabs coming off is the worst part, but so far I

have done okay. OH!!!! I found that if I took my medicine beforehand, that about 30 minutes after, I could swallow SOFT food with

minimal pain. Trust me, It makes it so much easier to eat. Even if it is a few bites!!! If you have any other questions, Just email me and

I will answer them. Good Luck!!!!!! :-D