Hi! I'm 15 years old and I'm on day 9 if you count surgery day of my tonsillectomy recovery. And so far it's been somewhat easy, pains been tolerable. But of course me being a teenager I didn't obey the rules and last night I ate ribs at a 4th of July party. And I had a lot of ribs in my mouth and I didn't wanna spit them out so I just swallowed. When I swallowed it pulled some of the scab kinda off. I say kinda because it is still hanging in my mouth. It is so annoying I was at the movies today and the scab started to make me want to gag, so I hurry to the bathroom and start gagging and it hurt so bad... So not I try so hard not to push my tongue back and touch it because it makes me wanna gag. And everytime I breathe in or drink something it burns where the scab is hanging off. I'm really hoping I wake up tomorrow and it's not still hanging there, just bothering me!