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I am scheduled to have a tonsillectomy in 4 days and I want to know if it is okay and safe to get this procedure done while nursing a baby that is 6 months old? I am going to pump and store up some additional milk and then pump and dump out the milk after the procedure while the medications are still in my body and give him the stored milk. Then when all the medication wears off and I am in the clear, I will continue to nurse him. My baby also eats some solid food as well. I am just wondering if I should post-pone this or just go ahead and get it done since my tonsils are huge and I keep getting sick. I want them out, but I was going to wait until I was done nursing, but the ENT suggested getting them taken out sooner. I have spoken with the pediatrician as well and they said what I was planning on doing was a good idea. I'm sure it will be fine.....Any suggestions?


i think your suggestion is a good one - you don't want your baby getting your meds and storing your milk is better than formula milk!

good luck :-)