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Thats right, Tonsillectomy. I'm 6'1 at 192lbs

I got a tonsillectomy on the 20th. I have been on a liquid diet for 8 days so far. For breakfast I drink a Instant Carnation breakfast drink.
Lunch, I drink a liquefied potato soup with cheese or broccoli and cheese soup, and maybe the same for dinner if I feel like eating. Tonsillectomy recovery has been so painful I forget to eat just because its no fun to swallow food or drinks. I drink water, gatorade, milk, and apple juice.
The tonsillectomy sure does deter my eating habits.

doing this for 3 weeks, I probably am losing weight. I'll give an update at the end of my recovery.


forgot to mention snacks. I eat sugar free popsicles and ice cream too!


The fact that you had tonsillectomy is hard but I know that recovery can be even harder so it is important to have proper diet in place. If I am not mistaking you will only be on soft diet in the first week, right? I haven’t noticed that you mentioned any ice cream here. I know that people eat a lot of ice cream after this procedure because it helps with the pain and it is easy to eat. I have heard also that recovery lasts up to four weeks. Is this right? It would be good if you can give as one more update on your progress with recovery.
All the best to you,