I don't really have a question, but more a comment or advice I want to share with anyone considering a tonsillectomy. I am not a doctor or anything like that but I have recently had my tonsils removed 9 days ago... I really emphasize the need to talk to your surgeon, anaesthetist or doctor, when doing so really ask them a lot of question, when is the worst danger period? What can I expect during and after the procedure? Types of pain management that will be used? Dietary needs after the operation? How to tell if there is an infection? Etcetera... In hindsight I know I wasn't as prepared for the procedure as I should have been, I didn't ask enough question's and I really regret that, I don't know whether it would have changed my decision to have the procedure done or not. I was under a naive impression that everything would be a breeze, but it hasn't been. There are many out there who emphasize how painful the aftermath of a tonsillectomy is, they're not lying, but I do believe every situation is different which includes pain etcetera, some say its like hell, and others says its a trip to the park, my personal experience is neither but more like being a few hundred metres from the gates of hell ☺. But seriously if you have had recently or are going to have a tonsillectomy I wish you all the best!