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I have too much iron, What causes this and what is the treatment


Too much iron can result from taking iron supplements when none are necessary. If you are taking iron supplements, stop.

The other cause can be Hemochromatosis. It is a genetic disease in which the intestine absorbs too much iron from the diet. Symptoms are usually asymptomatic in the early phases of the disease. When symptoms are present, they are often non-specific problems, such as fatigue, joint aches, and impotence. When iron overload is more advanced, there can be signs that indicate liver damage, heart failure or diabetes.

The excess iron is removed by phlebotomy, which is basically like donating blood, only it is done on a more frequent basis until the excess iron is removed. If left untreated, excess iron accumulates in vital organs, particularly the liver, pancreas and heart. All of these organs can become irreversibly damaged, and cirrhosis, diabetes and heart failure can result.