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I had a cervical fracture at C-5 in 1990 with partial paralysis. In Jan 2008 I fell hitting my head and injuring my neck and upper back. A MRI report shows I have a diffuse myelomalacia of the thoracic spinal cord, consistant with given history of paralysis related to spinal cord injury. How is a thoracic diffuse myelomalacia related to an old cervical injury?


Hi there,

I know that myelomalacia is a term that refers to softening of your spinal cord. Now this is a serious condition which might be caused by the injury that you have suffered in January in 2008. Can you tell me more about your current condition and what kind of treatment has your doctor suggested? The fact that your spine cord is softening means that you will have problems in the near future with the pain in the spine. Have you been using any medication for the pain or for your spine? I hope that you found this helpful in any way and that you will find a solution for your problem.


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