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ok so me and my husband are trying to conceive my due period is on the 21st of this month and im not sure if i am i have these symptoms slight cramping sharp stabs at times backaches dizziness and i feel as if the world is moving from under me nausea anytime of the day back aches and my stomache feels as if its upset when theres nothing wrong and going to the bathroom more than normal and also the smell of cigarette smoke makes me want to gag ive been have sex with my husband every week this month and he came everysingle time could i be pregnant please help me


Hi honey! I will help you further with a bit more informaiton OK?

1. When was your last period?
2. What is your schedule - 28 - 31 days?
3. Are your periods regular
4. Do you note when you ovulate?
5. What dates did you have unprotected sex?
6. Do your breasts hurt, or your hips, thighs, lower back?