I'm 32 and had my tubes fried in 2010. I don't want anymore kids. I have been lately feeling kicks in my stomach on a constant because basis all day. Sometimes it will feel like flutters but then other times I feel full force kicks! I have been sleeping a lot more than usual and my boobs hurt and it's nottime for my period. Two months ago my period was late 3 weeks but back to normal. About 2 months ago i was soo sick throwing up and just yuck!!! Don't want to be prego and don't have insurance to find out whats wrong wit me! Is this normal gor people who have there tubes tied? I also had a tummy tuck and my stomach is getting bigger...this is freaking me out not knowing. It could be something serious. I haven't taken prego test cuz i really don't believe im prego! Please help any ladies who have gone thru this?