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I am 23yrs old. My last normal period was on October 2012 which I actually got twice for that month. At 1st of Oct and later on 27 of Oct. Well the 27 Oct was pretty weird because it came a bit early and I have been having cramping which is unusual for me. But the flow was normal with heavy flow and clots. I have been having sex in between the periods. I was late for the next period for about 3 weeks and I have took HPT and it all came back negative. But later I started my "period" on 10 Dec 2012 but it was only spotting red/brown with CM. Nothing much only needed a liner. This continue for 2 weeks until I get light period(red blood but no clots which i usually had) which only require a pad a day for a week. After that it was spotting until the "period" finish. But a week later,the spotting/light period come back like I first did in early Dec continue for almost 2 weeks and stop. I took another hpt but still negative and thinking maybe my hormone s are going crazy.

But I have notice since then my breast and areola are getting bigger. I have gone from 34B to 36C in a month. And i have notice my stomach bulge out and never gone flat when doing sit ups and found out this to be diastasis recti which is common with pregnant woman.No significant weight gain and my weight usually fluctuates between 53 to 55kgs. Can someone tell me whats going on?


it may be too late to reply to this, but im curious if you ever found out if you really were preggers. I'm not sure when my last 'period' was because i had two in august. my boobs were sore this month like a week 'before' my period showed up and im not sure if it was late. they aren't sore anymore but i've had a few pregnancy symptoms. i got a BFN on my hpt before my period showed, and now im bleeding. I started bleeding on the 18th this month and i felt late, but not sure if i was. it was lighter than usual, and a light red color. then it got bright red, but not the darkish maroon red color it usually gets. late last night/early this morning it was brownish spotting but i thought i was through bleeding yesterday evening because i only go for 5 days. today is day 6 and i was sure the brown spotting was the end but now ive got some light bleeding in between light/bright red in color if that makes sense. not sure whats going on but could use help! my situation seemed similar to yours so thought maybe if you were preggers or not it could help me. wanna retest but scared because i dont wanna be dissapointed!