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I have had two itchy bumps one the brown part of my titty for about 4 days one is almost on my nipple, my mom said it sounded like an allergic reaction. what is it? I need advice now!


Does it look like a mesquito bite? I'm in no way trying to alarm you but if it doesn't clear up within 10 days then you need to see a doctor about it. There is a type of breast cancer called Inflamatory breast cancer (IBC) that startes out looking like a mosquito bite. Please don't let this info alarm you but you came here for information and that is all I am giving you. I am NOT a doctor so please do not think this is a diagnosis.

One or more of the following are Typical Symptoms of IBC:

Swelling, usually sudden, sometimes a cup size in a few days


Pink, red, or dark colored area (called erythema) sometimes with texture similar to the skin of an orange (called peau d'orange)

Ridges and thickened areas of the skin

What appears to be a bruise that does not go away

Nipple retraction

Nipple discharge, may or may not be bloody

Breast is warm to the touch

Breast pain (from a constant ache to stabbing pains)

Change in color and texture of the areola

Again, it could very well be just a mosquito bite or spider bite. This is just information I am passing on for your own use. All women should be aware of this type of breast cancer as well.[/url]