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Okay so im 15 and i HAVE been sexually active, although not for a little while and i've never had sex. the most I've done is oral sex and i've been fingered a few times so I'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant. Anyways, the last 2-3 days my right nipple and areola have been sore and just today its become pretty red. my other breast is fine. I dont think i'm close to my period but it has always been irregular so i might be. I've never really had super sore breasts as a pms symptom so im wondering what it could be?

Any answers would be helpful, thanks!


(ps, the reason i say im "pretty sure" about not being pregnant is that the last time i was fingered was over 9 weeks ago and my boyfriend went to fix his boxers before fingering me again, so im not too sure if he touched his penis and got pre-cum on his fingers and then fingered me. SORRY ABOUT ALL THE HORRIBLY NASTY INFO, i just dont wanna miss anything)

Thank You :)


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Hi, do you have any discharge from your Nipple at all?