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does blood come in mouth in ulcer


It is certain they can bleed, some on their own and some on the touch. People who get ulcers often have easily-bleeding gums, so this can also be the source of your bleeding.

You didn’t say what kind of ulcer you have in your mouth and if you knew the cause of it, so it is hard to say more and not miss info you actually wanted to hear.

I will just say that there could numbers of reasons for ulcer occurrence, starting from an injury or trauma from bacterial, viral and other microorganism infections, to systemic diseases like lupus, or diabetes, AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, or sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, etc.
Unhygienic mouth environment, lack of vitamins, minerals and zinc, smoking and drinking, spicy food, chemical tooth pastes, stress, etc make you more prone to getting a mouth ulcer. Most of them heal in about 7 day’s time, 14 tops. If they don’t clear in 21-days time, you should see a doctor for biopsy to rule out other serious illness and conditions.