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I am 5.11ft boy 21 year old, 56kg weight and having massive problem of mouth ulcer. In my mouth all over infect on tongue also ulcer has come for 10 to 15 days and go itself. But in those days i suffer from huge pain i can’t eat properly or talk to others. Please anybody can tell permanent solution on it...


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Hello there, shagydeep. 

I had a very long history of ulcer problem. It appeared from a toothbrush or just by chewing some food. I also used to bite my cheek in the inside because of nervousness. Only good thing is that there are no big pain from that.

But I ask a friend of mine who study stomatology what can I do to stop it. He recommends me to use antiseptic mouthwash, topical analgesic (as I recall, it's excellent for easing a pain) and gels or inhalers to reduce inflammation.

You said that you are in great pain. Maybe you should avoid hot and spicy food, and of course, you need to clean your teeth properly, especially the gums.

Maybe you can give a try to old remedy - salt or baking soda rinse. Mix it with hot water and swish it around in your mouth and spit out. You can do this several times a day. 

Hope this will help. Cheers!