I currently suffer from an increased difficulty in speaking, I don't think it is anxiety related (although it does seem to worsen during phone calls when i get nervous), but this can occur very randomly even when i'm speaking to someone at work or a close friend or relative, its like my voice suddenly stops working and i suddenly can't speak to an audible level or produce the sounds i need to get the words out, its very frustrating and embarrassing. other times i can talk with no issues, again its very random! I also have bouts of lightheadedness, where i feel like i'm losing my balance and like i'm not in the moment/ can't process what is being said to be and often suffer form numbness and bad muscle pains especially in my hip like a really strong pain that often makes me limp (I have been to the doctors about this and had x-rays which showed this was caused by my muscles), i also get unpleasant pains in my arms and legs that feel like growing pains (but i am 21 so they can't be surely) but the problem that mostly effects me is my speech. Are these all related and could they be symptoms of anything?

Does this sound familiar to anyone??