I don't know if i should even ask, as i don't know if it's really anything, but i'm kind of worried so..

Two days ago, like 10 minutes after i woke up i had horrid stabbing pains at the very bottom of my stomach, they got so bad i ended up crying from them. I also felt a little sick so i was standing in the bathroom, & my Mum came in and when she spoke to me my head just suddenly felt like it was full. I don't know if that makes sense... I felt really dizzy & weak, my head felt SOO heavy, i sat on the edge of the bath & i could hear my Mum speaking, but i had no idea what she was saying. Or rather, i DID know what she was saying, but i couldn't make sense of it.. ? Then i woke up in my bed, but my mum said i hadn't fainted or anything, but I can't seem to remember what happened. She just told me I'd splashed my face & she'd took me to my room & told me to get into bed, but i don't remember that. It may not be a long time-period i can't remember but it's still not exacly nice. && since then i've had those stabbing pains constantly. They haven't stopped once, Painkillers don't help, I can't get comfortable at all, When i eat, the pain gets worse for a while after, It also gets worse if i sneeze. It's at the very bottom of my stomach, Uhmm.. I don't know if i should post here, as i said, but.. Does it sound like anything serious?

I don't want to ask my mum really, as i figured if she thought it was serious she'd have said something, & i can't really go to the doctors as I suffer from Agoraphobia & Scoptophobia. I'm sure i could go if i HAD to ( i hope i could), but until that is the case, this is all i can do, i hope someone can help me?
Oh, I'm 17.. if age makes a difference at all.