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Hi, I need to know if lack of energy, overweight, losing hair and poor skin quality are signs of an underactive thyroid gland? Could it be associated to any other disorder?


Hi, I had all the symptoms you have described a few years ago, before I realized it was due to hypothyroidism. Besides, I also was tired all the time, my constipation was annoying and I was cold all the time, no matter know much clothes I had on. Generally, hair loss and poor skin can be associated with lack of some important nutrients from the diet, so not enough collagen and elastin is formed. Overweight is modern epidemic disease, affecting developed countries where people have wrong living habits. The most accurate is measuring of level of thyroid hormone, to determine if there is any hypothyroidism.


The symptoms definately sounds like you have a thyroid disfunction, I have all those symptoms and more such as

feeling cold all the time
cold hand and feet
Dry Skin
Loss of Hair
Weight Gain

I recommend that you visit your doctor and tell He/she any symptoms that you have as if this isnt detected in time with proper medication you are at risk of producing a goiter. Dont mean to scare you. Hope this was of some sort of help

Leah xx