Since giving birth to my 3 child, my left leg has gradually got weaker and weaker - to the point now I walk with a splint. I have foot drop and muscle wastage. I have been referred to nuerology dept, had 2 MRIs - full spine and pelvis, a lumber puncture and 2 nerve contducting tests (approx 5 months apart). I have severe nerve damage down my left leg and some down my right leg. It indicates I have had a trauma of some sort but no trauma has taken place. All other results are clear. I am at the end of my tether. My youngest child is now 14 months which lets you know how long this has been going on for. The nerve tests indicate that alothough there was slight deteriation between the tests, it does seem to have stablised. I feel my leg is getting weaker due to the muscle wastage but after having second opnion amd neither neurologist able to shed any light on this condition I really don't know where to turn to. Any advice, help suggestions as to what might be causing this would be gratefully appreciated.