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For over 2 1/2 years I have experienced worsening hip, knee, calf and now foot pain. I have had MRIs of left leg knee back and hip. Now it is increasingly difficult to walk and my feet feel almost weighted and I lumber when I walk. Walking, standing. And especially sleeping- the pain never ends. Tests all say nothing surgical needed but obviously I am in pain. It is pulling me back from every aspect of my life. Anyone else experience similar symptoms?


Hello KMN,

Even though you have had an MRI done, it is possible that you have peripheral artery disease (PAD) or weakend veins in the calf of your leg.  The veins in your legs are responsible for returning blood from your toes all the way back to the heart which is incredibly difficult to do.  The veins in the calf of the leg have valves to assist blood return.  Sometimes these valves don't work properly or you could have narrows veins due to plaque build up.  This would cause pain when you stand.  This could possible cause pain when you are sleeping.  I would try to find another doctor that can take a second look and see if you do have vein/artery problems.  Also, you may be having nerve problems so you might want to have that checked out.